Paging Morpheus API in Python

Using Morpheus' API is something that comes up very often, and there have been a few bad habits that I've noticed.  I myself have been guilty of using large maximum values when hitting endpoints.  eg. <api>/networks?max=10000

I came up with the following code.  It's a function than concatenates the results into one variable and returns it.  I may write this into the pymorpheus module with a proper cursor one day.

from pymorpheus import MorpheusClient

# Set morpheusUrl and morpheusToken before this
mclient = MorpheusClient(morpheusUrl, token=morpheusToken)

def getAllResults(mclient, apipath):
    # Get first page of results sorting by ID
    result ="get", apipath, options=[("sort", "id")])
    # If the total is within the max results, no need to paginate
    if result['meta']['total'] <= result['meta']['max']:
        results = result
        # API calls in Morpheus return a key with a list, this grabs that first key
        mainkey = list(result.keys())[0]
        # Set the default offset
        offset = result['meta']['max']
        moreResults = True
        while moreResults is True:
            # Get next result set, adding the offset
            nextResult ="get", apipath, options=[("sort", "id"), ("offset", str(offset))])
            # Add the nextResult list to the original result
            result[mainkey] = result[mainkey] + nextResult[mainkey]
            # If the offset plus the latest result size equals the total returned items, then exit
            if nextResult['meta']['offset'] + nextResult['meta']['size'] >= result['meta']['total']:
                moreResults = False
            # Else increment the offset and run again
                offset = offset + nextResult['meta']['max']
allNetworks = getAllResults(mclient, "/networks")